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UZH for International Students and Scholars

Visiting Scholars

Visiting Scholar

If you are visiting UZH as a researcher while on leave from your home institution, you will most likely be here as visiting scholar (visa status: academic guest).

Welcome Services for Visiting Scholars

The institutes/clinics are responsible for selecting and issuing an invitation. The inviting institutes/clinics also provide the infrastructure (workplace, e-mail, telephone, keys, UZH guest card, etc.).

Services for Visiting Scholars

The necessary entry and residence documents are organized by the visiting scholars themselves or by the inviting institutes/clinics.

Further information on relocation can be found here:
Relocation to Switzerland


  • You have at least a Master's diploma
  • You want to pursue a research project at UZH for a certain period
  • You stay enrolled and/or employed at your home institution during the visit at UZH
  • As a visiting scholar you are not employed by or enrolled at UZH and thus not entitled to a regular salary or a transcript of records from UZH (no modules can be booked)
  • You can stay at UZH for up to 24 months (limited by the migration authorities)
  • If you apply for a visa, you apply for the status "academic guest"

Weiterführende Informationen


For questions and further information regarding invitation, selection process and infrastructure (workplace, e-mail, telephone, keys, UZH guest card, etc.), please contact your host institute / clinc.

Information for Staff Managers of UZH Institutes and Clinics

Senior Fellowship Collegium Helveticum

The Senior Fellowships enable guest professors, sabbatical visitors or longer term academic guests, including artists in residence, to spend between a minimum of three and up to ten months at the Collegium Helveticum. Applications are reviewed three times per year.