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Raising the Bar in Global Innovation

UZH conducts cutting-edge research at seven faculties and more than 100 institutes. Its reputation as one of the world’s foremost research universities is mirrored in international rankings. UZH collaborates with numerous research institutions worldwide and is a member of the prestigious League of European Research Universities (LERU), the European Alliance UnaEuropa, and the global network Universitas 21. With its international outlook, state-of-the-art infrastructure and attractice employment conditions, UZH offers an inspiring environment for passionate researchers and staff from all over the world.

Employment at UZH

For employment-related matters, your supervisor and the person responsible for human resources at your institute are the best source of information.

HR has collected the basic questions on the website UZH as employer. You'll find information on the probation period, working hours, family benefits, parental leave and more topics on the following website and document.

UZH as employer

UZH terms of employment (PDF, 292 KB)

For Professors and Assistant Professors

The Professorships Department is the central point of contact for all questions and concerns for professors at UZH. Their staff keep you informed about the appointment procedure, support you with employment-related matters, and provide information on life in general in the Zurich area.

The Professorships Department is also the contact point for assistant professors. Assistant professorships are temporary positions that serve to promote academic career development and enhance the prospect of obtaining permanent professorial posts.

Professorship Department

Note that there are different research funding opportunities available for established researchers:

Funding Opportunities for Established Researchers

For Postdoctoral Researcher and Mid-Level Faculty

Information Services

Due to the wide range of tasks and functions of postdoctoral researchers and mid-level faculty, information and services are divided into different categories:

UZH for Researchers focuses on research, funding and academic career development.

UZH for Teaching Staff addresses all issues regarding teaching at UZH, from quality to curricula, continuing education, coaching and many more.

UZH for Staff compiles all information on services, guidelines, offers (for instance the academic sports association ASVZ) and associations for UZH employees.

Note that there are different research funding opportunities available specifically for postdocs:
Funding Opportunities for Postdocs


An employment at UZH is based on public law. Instead of a contract signed by both employee and employer, you will receive an agreement signed only by the employer. This is called an employment by means of an order ("Anstellungsverfügung"). 

As a postdoctoral researcher and mid-level faculty, you're employed non-permanently. The exact duration of your employment is stated in your employment order. A position as postdoctoral researcher is limited to six years. A position as senior teaching and/or research assistant is limited to a total of nine years (including postdoctoral years). As a project employee, your employment can last one to three years. This can be extended to up to nine years in total.

Please note that for scholars from non-EU/EFTA countries, the maximum period of studies is 8 years (including degree, doctorate and postdoctorate studies or employment). 

International Dual Career Network

Spouses of new international researchers and staff who would like to continue their career after their relocation to Switzerland are encouraged to explore new professional networking opportunities. Since August 2016, UZH has been a member of the International Dual Career Network (IDCN). IDCN is a an association of international companies, universities and non-governmental organizations. Its goal consists in supporting the spouses of new international staff of IDCN members in their integration into the local employment market. IDCN has been active in the Zurich region since 2012.

For more information and current events regarding IDCN please visit the following websites.

International Dual Career Network for UZH staff spouses (Professorships Department)

Visa, Entry and Residence Permit

For detailed information on what you need to take into account upon relocating to Switzerland, please refer to our page Visa, Entry and Residence Permit and to our FAQs for international students and scholars.

Scholars at Risk

The University of Zurich is a member of the Scholars at Risk organization as well as Scholars at Risk Switzerland Section, founded in 2017. Scholars at Risk (SAR) is an international network of universities working to safeguard academic freedom and protect threatened researchers. Scholars at Risk works with its global network of higher education institutions around the world to arrange short-term, temporary research and teaching positions for threatened scholars. Learn more about your hosting options at UZH here.


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Research at UZH

Find further information on UZH's research priority programs, its innovation and entrepreneurship platform, funding opportunities and other relevant information for researchers:

FAQ for International Students and Scholars