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UZH for International Students and Scholars

Before Arriving

PhD Candidates: Apply for Matriculation at the Admissions Office

Congratulations on your new position at UZH! Once you have received the acceptance letter from your PhD advisor or program, you need to apply for admission at the UZH Admissions Office. This is a very important step, especially if you require a visa to enter Switzerland. The approval letter from the Admissions Office assuring enrolment is a prerequisite for visa and entry permits. For more information visit the website of the UZH Admissions Office.

Visa or Guaranteed Residence Permit

Non-EU/EFTA nationals require a visa or must have been approved for a residence permit before entering Switzerland. Do not enter on a tourist visa. Tourist visas cannot be converted into residence permits.

Arranging (Temporary) Accommodations

Because the housing market is tight and finding a suitable apartment may take some time, it is advisable to start looking early or arrange for temporary accommodations.

Accommodation in Zurich

Child Care and Schooling for Children

If you are coming as a family, you will need to take special measures to ensure that family life runs smoothly. We advise that you familiarize yourself with Switzerland’s child care and school system and that you register your child as early as possible for day care.

Family and Children

School System

Information on Customs Regulations

When you transfer your domicile to Switzerland, you are allowed to import your household goods, art or other collections, pets, and your car into Switzerland duty-free. Packages with used personal belongings sent to Switzerland by post or courier are also exempt from duty if labelled accordingly as "used personal effects".

Moving to Switzerland

Collect Personal Documents

Be sure to prepare the documents that you and your family members might need well in advance, for instance, a valid passport, a national and international driver’s licence, birth and marriage certificates, vaccination card, and current passport photos.

Financial Commitments in Your Home Country

Before leaving your home country, we advise that you review and possibly terminate your health insurance and other insurance policies. You should also clarify whether you have any tax liability in your home country. Remember to inform the local authorities about your departure and take care of personal matters, such as canceling newspaper subscriptions and service contracts (e.g. phone and internet). Please take the necessary steps if you plan to have your mail redirected to another address.

Weiterführende Informationen

Vaccination Information

If you'd like to know which vaccinations are recommended for Switzerland, please visit the following website with health information for travellers.