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UZH for International Students and Scholars

First Steps Upon Arrival

Residents' Registration Office

Within 14 days of your arrival, you must register with the Residents' Registration Office of your local municipality. 


Health Insurance

Within the first three months, you must take out a health insurance policy or apply for an exemption from the obligation to acquire health insurance.

Health Insurance

Private Liability Insurance and Household Insurance

It is advisable to take out a policy for private liability insurance and household insurance within three months of your arrival.

Liability Insurance and Household Insurance

Open a Bank Account

If you are an UZH employee, you will need a Swiss bank account to receive your salary.

Bank Account

Driver's License

If you plan to drive a car during your stay, you must convert your license into a Swiss driver’s license. Foreign driving licenses are only valid during the first 12 months of your stay.

City of Zurich's Traffic Authority (in German)

Learning German

Of course this is purely optional – but if you're planning a longer or perhaps permanent stay in Switzerland, learning German is an investment well worth the time and money. You may even get to make new acquaintances.

Learning German